Exclusive: John Deere 2254 Cane Loader

The John Deere 2254 Sugar Cane Loader has the world’s most powerful engine at a whopping 200 hp. The 2254’s tremendous stability allows for the industry’s highest reach and largest grab capacity. Add 180-degree loading and you’ve got the most productive and versatile loader on the market.

A super-comfortable cab and easy access for maintenance makes the 2254 a pleasure to operate and easier to service. This reduces operator fatigue and machine downtime. The 2254 can increase productivity while reducing operator costs, which means more money in your pocket.



  • John Deere 6068T, 148kW/200Hp @ 2400 rpm.
  • 3 Stage air cleaning system with Service Indicators (Pre-cleaner, Primary Filter and Safety Element).
  • 303 litre fuel tank.


  • Hydrostatically driven 3 range transmission giving infinitely variable speed in all the ranges with dynamic braking of hydrostatic drive.
  • Hydrostatic system with variable displacement pump and fixed displacement motors.
  • Selector valve for 2-wheel drive.
  • Maximum speed of 29KPH (18MPH) with standard drive.

Axles and Tires

  • Rigid Front Axle with Transmission and Outboard Gear final drives.
  • Rear Oscillating Steering with Hydraulic Rear Final Planetary Drives.
  • (2)24.5x32R1, (8PR) – Front Wheel/Tire.
  • (2)18.4262R1, (8PR) – Rear Wheel/Tire.

Boom and Piler

  • 1-Meter-High Reach.
  • Dual Articulated Arrangement.
  • 180 Degree Right and Left Swing.
  • Swing cushioned at both extremes.
  • Push Piler.


  • A double pump with two Multi-Valve banks enables the swing, flex and pile functions to operate independently from the grab and lift functions.
  • Rear wheel hydrostatic power steering.
  • 320 litre oil tank.

Electrical System

  • Two maintenance free batteries.
  • 925 Amp cold cranking power.
  • Alternator-120 Amps, 12Volts.
  • 12V direct electric starting.
  • Horn, backup Alarm and Work lights.

Operators Station

  • Pressurised A/C cab with improved visibility.
  • Warning system with low oil pressure and/or high-water temperature.
  • Water temperature gauge.
  • Oil Pressure gauge.
  • Joystick Controls.


  • Hydrostatic Braking Front Axle.
  • Mechanical Parking brake.


  • Football Type Piler.
  • 10 Chain Piler.
  • High traction 4-wheel drive.
  • Tires – 30.5L32 Front. 1×26 Rear, R2 (With high traction 4×4 only).
  • Remote oil cooler.
  • Tachometer
  • Radio