LonAgro John Deere 3B and 6B Tractor Promotion

LonAgro John Deere 3B Tractor

LonAgro has kicked off February with an amazing promotion on their John Deere 3B and 6B tractor models.

Both the 3B and 6B range from John Deere offer superb quality and are perfect for those looking to mechanise their smallholding to larger fleet needs and haulage use. Aside from their spectacular performance, the John Deere 3B and 6B tractors are perfectly suited to work in conjunction with the range of implements available from LonAgro including ploughs, harrows, and trailers to name a few.

The John Deere 3B and 6B range offer excellent value for money and performance together with LonAgro’s dedication to supporting their customers, now is the best time to take advantage of this promotion and get your hands on these top-quality tractors!

For more information on models available, please contact your nearest LonAgro Branch

LonAgro John Deere 3B Tractor LonAgro John Deere 6B Tractor
LonAgro reserves the right to alter this promotion as they see fit and change it without notice.